While Dorothy loved writing fiction as a child, she wasn’t always working in the arts. During the nineties, she wrote computer code and taught programming for a living for various companies including IBM, MCI and GEICO’s Information Systems Division. During those years she attempted to write computer code and fiction simultaneously, but discovered that she couldn’t easily make the linear thinking switch to best use her imagination for creative writing. Thus, she abandoned her career as a computer programmer/analyst entirely and focused on fiction as well as a career in adult education even though that meant a drastic cut in salary. Dorothy says:

For many of us, it sometimes takes years for us to realize what our God-given talents are. Even if we do know, it’s difficult to make the necessary sacrifices to be able to fulfill our dreams and utilize our talents. We often spend time chasing after the wrong dreams or following someone else’s dreams. Or worse—not having any dreams. But I believe if there is something in your heart that you have a passion for, and if it truly defines who you are, then you shouldn’t allow anything to stand in the way of achieving it. Like the old Turkish proverb says, “No matter how far you have gone on a ‘wrong’ road, turn back!