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Dr. Dorothy Phaire, English, has lived the meaning of perseverance! After 4 years of study and research, she graduated with distinction from Capella University in January 2013.

Dorothy on diversity

Every now and then showcases the profile and work of a writer (past and present) who has addressed diversity issues in their writing, or their style of writing, or the theme they address, is diverse and different.

An interview with a graduate student at the university.

As an author, Prof. Phaire, is very concerned with the creative process which she feels is greatly misunderstood by many, including English teachers and would-be authors.

Local playwright and educator Dorothy Phaire releases new mystery book...

As a playwright and institution builder, in 2006 I founded a non-profit called Heralds of Hope . HHTC’s mission is to promote, mentor, and provide a platform of artistic expression for aspiring actors and technicians of all ages.

UDC student interviews Prof Dorothy Phaire

Transcript taken from Ms. Phaire’s Interview on February 7, 2008 conducted by UDC student, Shala Goolsby
GOOLSBY: What was your inspiration for the novel, “Murder and the Masquerade”?