“Hello Everybody, just wanted to share with you our book club’s discovery of an exciting new writer from our local Washington, D. C. metropolitan area. For our October book club selection, we chose a mystery/romance novel, “Murder and The Masquerade” by Dorothy Phaire. We were not disappointed! We loved this first book in Ms. Phaire’s series and look forward to reading more! We invited the author to our book club discussion and learned even more ‘behind the scenes’ drama about the characters in addition to things we did not know about writing and publishing. This was one of the best book club discussions yet! I highly recommend that you check out this new author.”
T. Hudson, Unique Women Only Book Club.

“This book is not your typical "sister girlfriend novel.” It brings to life the intense drama of a white-collar crime while a love triangle somehow keeps you guessing until the very end. The characters are stimulating, exciting and adventurous as each one has their own story to tell as the web un-weaves. I laughed, I cried, I wanted more. This is not one to sit on the shelf for long.”
K. Shinault, Atlanta, Georgia.

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