Greetings and Thank you for visiting my website.  On occasion I have been asked the question, why do you write?  I write because that is who I am.  I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become a writer.  Since childhood I always knew writing was what I wanted to do.   Sometimes, it takes years for us to realize what our God-given talents and aspirations are.  Even if we do know, it’s sometimes even more difficult to make the necessary sacrifices to be able to fulfill ones’ dreams.  We spend time chasing after the wrong dreams or following someone else’s dreams.  When I finally decided to get serious, I began earnestly writing for an hour or two everyday while working full-time at a variety of technical careers that paid the bills.  For nine years I worked as a computer programmer and then as a technical instructor while raising a family.  It took me three years to write my first novel while juggling the ‘wrong’ career choice and maintaining a busy domestic life.  But I believe if there is something in your heart that you have a passion for, and if it truly defines who you are, then you shouldn’t allow anything to stand in the way of achieving it.  Like the old Turkish proverb says, “No matter how far you have gone on a ‘wrong’ road, turn back!”  Finally, I took the leap and turned back onto the right road to fulfill my destiny as a writer and educator. 


I feel grateful and truly blessed for my talent, determination, and the perseverance to not give up and to continue on this wonderful journey of creativity by living the writer’s life. 

When I read fiction by other authors and go to the theatre to see plays, I like to laugh, cry, see a little romantic sizzle, experience the characters’ excitement, their sense of suspense and then have the story wrapped up with a believable and satisfying ending.  This is the same experience I strive to create for my readers and theater viewers.  I hope that you will enjoy reading my books and seeing my plays as much as I am enjoying the process of creating them.

Thank You for coming along with me on the journey.  Peace and Blessings,

Dorothy Phaire